Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Belgian-born, but already hitting gold in Australia and here too with his amazing song "Somebody That I used To Be" featuring guest vocals of New Zealand singer Kimbra... is really making us see the world differently. After listening to MAKING MIRRORS, you just might be transported into Gotye's world.

Goyte is Wally de Backer. He is part of the Melbourne trio THE BASICS. Some compare him to Sting and Peter Gabriel.

Let me occupy your mind as you do mine
Gotye (Heart’s a Mess)

“His style is almost hard to define -- we could say indie folk, we could say indie pop, we could say indie alternative, but what we really wanna say is that it's just pretty effing amazing.” - MTV

“We first spotted Gotye at the Neon Gold event on Friday night and knew that the multi-instrumentalist and singer had immediately earned a place in our iTunes with his thumping heartbeat rhythms and smoky-sounding voice.” - Nylon


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