Saturday, March 3, 2012

Project X

On one hand, this is a very short movie. Only 88 minutes long, but its 88 minutes you have to endure of this fiasco on the screen. Its shot psydo-documentary style based on something that supposedly really happened with a party that got out of hand somewhere in Australia.

R.B. Brown, Thomas Mann and Oliver Cooper

Here, you take 3 unknowns (actors too) in high school who create, what the one friend(Oliver Cooper aka Costa in the film) calls A GAME CHANGER. Throw in one of the most original story-lines from the pilot of SKINS (Americanizing, no doubt) and you have the beginning of digression. Soon enough, you are worried about the family dog Milo because he goes through a lot of mayhem at this party. And to think, birthday boy Thomas was afraid no one would show up.

Oh, how I adore Miles Teller. Thankfully, he wasn't much more than a cameo in the film.

But in the age of My Space, FACEBOOK and Craig's list well..look out world, everyone is coming to get in on the story. Even Miles Teller. Interesting how folks use their real name in this movie. His character is a college guy who's on the college baseball team, and he brings a party bus full of babes and booze.

Of course, Thomas Mann is the boy who has to take the heat in all of this. And yes, we see the many faces of Thomas, from loser, to dazed and confused through this journey of kick-ass party mayhem. Naturally, you would have thought the cops would have caught on quick enough, or the neighbors would have cut off this disaster from happening. But who knew who would catch wind of this awesome party? Not everyone was hip on the pumped up soundtrack with raging hormones and jumping into the pool topless.

The girls of PROJECT X Kirby Bliss Blanton, Nichole Bloom + Anna Sophia Berglund

In spite of the crowd and doing a very bad thing to a little person in the kitchen, there is still time to have a little romance between Thomas and Kirby (Kirby Bliss Blanton), his bestie from school. Of course, he takes advice from the worst friend ever (Costa, who got the party rolling), who claims this party is to change things, not be stuck with what you've already got. What this character missed were the engaging characters of Superbad. This trio just doesn't have the gusto of who starred in Superbad. No bromance. No bonding.

Naturally, Thomas has to learn the hard way.

This is a movie for those who love the teenage dream of the teenage wasteland. What else could we think up after American Pie (there is a reunion of that even which is out soon) and other Comedy Central run of the mill late night movies. There is a genre for this sort of frat mayhem. Is it exposing our pop culture or giving it any justice? Its as if we've gone autopilot, somehow. We really don't have to have a natural disaster with this kind of reckless youth. This kind of stuff can give the next generation a very bad name. Not giving a care about anything.

The movie ends so disturbing. And even in the You Tube fashioned way it was filmed in its voyeuristic approach just gives off the persona of Nasty Boys that even Janet Jackson wouldn't want to sing about.

TRIVIA:  Loosely based on the house party of Corey Delaney in Australia. The then-teenager posted the address of his house party on MySpace, attracting around 500 people and caused over $20,000 in property damage. His party attracted journalists and was widely disliked by the public, having been assaulted by a group of teenagers after the


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