Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pretty Little Liars notes

your secret is safe with me

Well...Pretty Little Liars finally delivered. Maybe. On the spring finale.


Is that really our A? Follow me and end up like me

Yes, we got to see the girls on the sleuthing trail of mysterious A. Spencer got to have a tea-party with a creepy guy (so very Hitchcock/Psycho!) at the out of the way lodge just so she could figure out A's lair. Sometimes, though, I do wonder about the writers' wisdom and the suspense happening on the show. The suspense lingers far too long. Yet, we love our pretty little liars. And of course, the significant ones who love them back.

Liars dream

It was great to see all the kiss kiss at the masquerade ball with the black swan theme. More importantly, Jenna can see, but not everyone knows this.

my pretty little liars

Also the whole A thing might run far deeper than we know. Its not over.

Keep the secret

But would we want it to be OVER? Perhaps A was revealed. that really A? Or just one of the A team? Is Jenna on the starting line-up? Could Melissa be on this team, too?


Will Ezra be around in the summer season? And will Garrett be reinforced as a police officer?

Has tragedy struck? Will we see Mia, again?

you think we ought to know by now

Oh, we danced the mysterious dance with this cast. Through so many highs and lows of the finale. Although, the strangest scene had to be when the girls spent the night in cabin one, at the out of the way lodge. And for Hanna to take a shower. I was so expecting so much more to happen in that scene..that went no where.

So yes, that is what baffles me. Did the show actually go NO WHERE? After all, I love the characters. Love the fashion and even the confessions, but sometimes I feel the story is only giving us a cliffhanger for something even bigger.

From Lauren with Love
When the stars light up my room

Thankfully, the best was saved for last. It was so good to see Spencer and Toby...TOGETHER... At last..but still..who is Dr. Sullivan's son? Is it Toby (doubtful)? How did he know her? Whats up with that? Is he with the A's? What are the A's? Questions..questions...

I guess that's why we keep tuning in to the show. No TWIN theme as of in the book.

just breathe


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