Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Such good mood music from Josh and Sarah..

This band is out of Sartoga Springs. The band is Sarah Barthel (vocals, keyboards) and Josh Carter (vocals, guitars).  They might write their stuff in a barn. However, you'll find their music street smart with echos of amazing guitar roots.

Josh Carter

Wake up, you’re gettin’ high on your own supply
Oh, baby, you’re still alive when you could’ve died, oh
The world is not around because of you
You know I’m not around because of you

You’ve got a mouthful of diamonds
And a pocketful of secrets
I know you’re never telling anyone
Because the patterns they control your mind
Those patterns take away my time
Hello, goodbye-mouthful of diamonds(phantogram)

"can't feel my love anymore, can't feel my legs anymore."  -phantogram

If you have seen the movie “Drive” and have ears and a heart, then you probably fell as deeply in love with the soundtrack as I did. There’s nothing better than properly-used synthesizers, airy vocals, and a soft, lazy drumbeat. I like 80’s music, but stuff like this is the only reason I would ever want to grow up during that time.-daph punk



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