Thursday, March 1, 2012

Notes from the closet

So much potential in the beginning. But they aren't the whole show.

Rumor has it that shows like THE SECRET CIRCLE and HEART OF DIXIE might be on their way out on the CW. I do hope they reconsider. The Secret Circle has shown its more than just a teen show. Perhaps, we don't really care so much about mainstay Cassie's romance with Adam and how so many have to always be at Cassie's beckoning call. Still, the show has gathered some great guest stars. Even a tiny glimpse of tiny glimpse of Richard Harmon (His Ian is one witch hunter I want to see again). The show has scored big with Leigh (Damon Grey) and other bad boy Callum (Michael Graziadei). Also Chris Zylak is showing this dude can act! Also, we are getting fond of Faye(Phoebe Tonkin) and her many loves. This show has a lot to offer. I hope the CW sees that. If not, please some network pick this one up quick!

Personally, I want Tobey to come back to Spencer! I'm not sure I even care who A is, anymore.

Season finale of Pretty Little Liars is March 19. “It’s going to be the most intense episode we’ve ever had,” Janel Parrish (Mona on the show) says. “It’s going to be extremely scary and dark. There will be cliffhangers, as usual, to keep everyone guessing into season three. Questions will be answers, but new questions will also be raised.” Sounds like the writers are twisting it up more. This story won't be anything like the book. That seems to be the norm these days with shows that started in book series.

You light up my world
Shane Coffey

Elena hasn't gone vamp on Vampire Diaries as of yet. Also Sutton hasn't quite been killed off yet on The Lying Game, either. Even so many actors are reading where their characters came from. Troian Bellisario got her friend Shane Coffey into reading the Pretty Little Liar series. Now he's Holden on the show.

Joe Lando

The new trend on these teen shows is to bring in older viewers with faces our parents are familar with. Like having Chad Lowe as Aria's father on Pretty Little Liars. Now we get to see who Cassie's long lost father is on Secret Circle, Joe Lando who some will remember all the way back from Dr. Quinn. Oh, John Blackwell says he doesn't have any powers anymore, but he sure knows when to show up in a scene.


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