Friday, March 9, 2012

Notes from the closet

Breaking In is back on Fox! This time around Megan Mullally is their new boss Veronica. Oz (Christian Slater) sold the company. Thankfully, Oz is still around. Just not sure Mullally was the right move for the show. I thought the show was great. I didn't think it needed fixing.

FOX has added I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER to the Tuesday night line up, sandwiched between Raising Hope and New Girl. I'd prefer if they'd stop the laugh track on the show. Its great to see Chad Coleman on the show. This is one actor who can do comedy as well as he can very serious stuff. Kevin Rahm is on the show as well, who was last seen on Desperate Housewives. Jamie Pressly stars as the main character. She has toned down her harsh comedic timing quite a bit as a more normal kind of Mom. The show might work out, but I have a feeling it'll need several episodes to get us hooked. I really don't like the title of the show for starters.

Jaime Cepero is so sly in this show.

NBC has a great Monday ending with SMASH. This show has all sorts of drama and everything that comes with it, to put a musical together. This might be Debra Mussings' best performance yet as the playwright who has her own story to deal with, past and present. And Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty aren't the only break out stars. Be on the watch for impressive eye-candy Jaime Cepero and Raza Jeffrey!

Some fans would like to shot some Fox executives. However, Terra Nova was never quite as cool as Firefly.

Shows that we looked so forward to that have bombed areTHE RIVER and Terra Nova. If they comeback, hopefully, they get a major rewrite with characters we want to see and root for.


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