Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kyle Schmid

Recently, I watched Kyle Schmid on BEING HUMAN (American version) as vampire Henry. Of course, Schmid knows his vampire style since he starred in BLOOD TIES a Canadian vampire crime show.  However, his Henry's bromance with Sam Witwer's Aidan is quite remarkable.

You might remember Schmid from such films as Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Covenant. He was even on the short lived series THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.

Kyle is from Ontario.

Watch for him soon in Four Saints and Dark Star Hollow.

"Just a heads up for you-Four Saints has been postponed due to lack of funding. Not sure when it will appear. The other movie he is supposed to be in with Josh Hartnett is called Dark Star Hollow. He will be in a show on BBC America called Copper. I believe that's supposed to air in America in July 2012 some time."-Anonymous 

Henry and Aidan from Being Human (which you can catch on the SyFy network) are two of my favorite vampire characters.


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