Monday, March 19, 2012

Fashion Star

Orly Shani really shined in the first episode. Can't wait for more of her designs. fivegirlfour

Oh! Its a hit on Tuesday night on NBC. People can't wait to buy these designs at H&M,  Saks & Macy's.

Entertainment Weekly’s April Daley, says “thrill of the shopping/runway combo” and advise viewers to tune into the new fashion reality show.

"Whoever came up with the concept of this show is a genius. it’s like project runway meets shark tank!"-muted

Hopefully, Oscar will stick around so we can all fall in love with his fashions. Even if the buyers dismissed him in the first episode.

Folks who didn't like those design star shows are loving this show. Possibly its the mentors. Some have really missed Nicole Richie. Or maybe its getting the 311 from the buyers.

These places are selling out these items in a matter of minutes!

The show puts these designers head to head on the runway from the get go. And there are the buyers waiting to see what they have to offer. Its also great to get their insight into fashion, what they are looking for.

There are guy fashions too!

If you haven't watched this new reality TV show, you'll want to. Especially if you love fashion.


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