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Degrassi notes


Degrassi is back. And...well...some things are to be expected. Every year, I keep thinking this is the year the writers are really going to write something poignant and absolutely brilliant. However, they usually fail me. Still, I come back because I have to admit they do create some pretty good characters even if they aren't quite as dark as I'd wished, nor as clever.

Keep Calm Degrassi
Imogene is quite quirky! degrassi cheetahlicious

Maybe Fiona (Annie Clark) won't be so whiney this year and have a back bone. Hopefully, she'll find love with Imogene (Christine Prosperi). However, she's doing her best to play cupid to get Eli and Imo back together. Oh, how could she? Fiona's not a fool.

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Fans miss the Clare & Eli days. Lexi

Besides, Eli might not be completely over Clare(Aislinn Paul), which brings up the issue of Clare deciding to have sex before marriage. Early on, in the new episodes, sunny and possibly a bad boy with a good Christian father...Jake (Justin Kelly) has bailed on her for various reasons. After all, they are step-siblings now...which might make it kind of creepy to have a real secret relationship. Still, Jake just might not be as romantic and perfect as Clare wish him to be. Honestly, he's pretty much a normal guy which I think a lot of teens and then some can relate too.

Dream are only real when you are in it

But is Eli really well in the head? Could he possible go mental, again? And this time really go psycho. Honestly, their are boyfriends out there like that. I am hoping the writers will make him complex. Thankfully, Munro Chambers can eat up any storyline they give him. With a crooked smile and definitely not your perfect teen throb makes him all the more interesting to watch. This guy can act and I'm hoping he's given a chance this season to shine.

the good times of Jenna & credit

Then there is the Jenna (Jessica Tyler) and KC storyline to deal with. Teenage parents. They did give the baby up for adoption, but it looks like they both have regrets. Honestly, in most realistic cases, they wouldn't even get a say. It would be the parents to decide since they are underage. Degrassi likes to go down this path, ever so often. They do like to show the sad and lonely part of this kind of story, hoping no teen out there would find any glamour in having a kid while in school. Which might not be a bad thing.

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Now those were the days! Clare & KC. annieclarks

In the past season though, it did show how mean Jenna could be, especially to KC. Possibly, he deserved it, but not completely. Especially, physically. On the other hand, Sam Earl could definitely take on darker roles. He is one actor on the show that can definitely convey complete happiness. I loved the early on scenes with KC and Jenna..he was definitely a teen boy smitten, who really wasn't worried about Jenna gaining weight. Hopefully, the writers will be kind to KC and keep his character complex yet there for the bromance with all his guy friends too. If not, I heard Sam Earl speaking French in Haiti ..perhaps he should try some French Canadian films too.

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Degrassi is looking into sports injuries this season too, with Katie (Chloe Rose), she's also school president and Drew's girlfriend. The perfect Katie last season might not be so perfect, after all. Rumor of an eating problem due to Katie's sports might make things worse for Katie the athlete. Add her BFF Marisol (Shanice Benton) who might be the bad girl from hell, after all..things just might run amok this season at Degrassi.

B with a side order of itch
Cassie Steele's little sister, Alex. Her best friend is Tristan(above).
Zig is having trouble with girls, already. degrassicaptures
Olivia Scriven divergent tumblr

There are new characters too. Cassie Steele who was Mannie on the show for many years, has a little sister, Alex Steele, who plays Angela, a new Freshman at Degrassi. Her bestie is Tristan (Lyle O'Donohoe) who just might come between her and her sort of boyfriend Zig (Ricardo Hoyos). Add Olivia Scriven into the mix and here comes trouble. Ricardo and Lyle look to be two new Degrassi kids to shine this season.

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