Friday, March 30, 2012

A ghost of a character

The Love affair of a Vampire and a ghost. No one did it better than the original Being Human. Fans are afraid that Annie will be leaving the show next. photo credit

When it comes to super natural shows, it always helps to have remarkable characters. Thankfully, this has crossed over in both versions of the TV show, Being Human. Honestly, I can't decide which actress I like best in the British or American version of this show who plays the ghost. I guess, I love this character.

Lenora Crichlow Tumblr

Back in 2008, Lenora Crichlow started the character Annie. Of course, she might have never been seen if it hadn't been for a vampire and werewolf. Her character showed such a vulnerable girl who was killed in the stairway where her roommates reside. But as the show developed so did her character.  Through her, we see the magic of the supernatural and all the qualms that come with it.

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In the American version, the role of the ghost is played by Canadian actress Meaghan Rath as Sally the ghost. Its basically the same role. Her character has many problems to solve. She finds herself in so many tricky situations with the undead as well as with the living. Especially, when your mentor is a reaper.

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NBC has finally found a comedy I can sink my teeth into and savor, with the most unlikely couple.

Amanda Peet is trying her hand at comedy, and she's actually doing it quite well. She plays the good divorcee very well with a new old house that needs a lot of fixing. She's also a single mom. Her daughter is the wonderful Jamie King. Then you have the very bad boy David Walton, who is quite charming..which is quite a shock. He's the guy trying to fix her house up.

Both have baggage. But Walton's Pete probably has more. He's a gambler with a bi-polar ex, and of course, he's cheated a lot on her too. His father played by the fabulous Jeffery Tambor is the has-been actor. Along to assist and drive his father around is Jesse Plemons as Gary.

This comedy does not have a laugh track which makes it so much more pleasant to watch. Although, I really think this show could be a comedy drama and should be on for a full hour. Hopefully, NBC will stick with it, but they did stick it in the worst hour possible on Wednesday nights.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

sleigh bells

Brooklyn based comes the duo Alexis Krauss (vocalist, lyricist) and Derek E. Miller (songwriter, guitarist, producer). Miller was formerly the guitarist for the hardcore band Poison the Well, and Krauss was a member of the teen pop group RubyBlue. They are electronic yet pop noise in the indie spectrum of things.

The first time I saw Sleigh Bells was back in 2010. If I remember correctly, I’d been dragged to a makeshift venue in Brooklyn to see some band that I didn’t care anything about. If I remember correctly, there was a snowstorm that night and by the time we got to the show we’d already missed the band we’d come to see. Rather than call it a night, we stuck around to see who played next, which appeared to consist of a really pretty girl who looked like a cheerleader and some dude shredding on an electric guitar. On this particular night, Sleigh Bells were still a work in progress: a mish-mash of programmed beats and girly-girl vocals being mostly drowned out by power-driven guitar riffs. Little did I know, less than a year later Sleigh Bells would sign with N.E.E.T. (the record label run by M.I.A.) and their debut album, Treats, would be nearly inescapable. The record’s excellent chant-along anthems like “Infinity Guitars” and “Tell Em” made a strong case for the band being more than just a flash in the hipster pan. Plus, they looked amazing.-T. Cole Rachel

“Don’t run away,
‘Cause that’s a deal breaker.
You gotta turn around,
Never let your guard down.”
—- Comeback Kid, Sleigh Bells


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A little Bit of Heaven

Whoopi Goldberg as God.

According to the critics who have seen it, there are plenty of weak points in this feature. But, hey..there is Gael Garcia Bernal and Kate Hudson along with the fun Lucy Punch, Kathy Bates and Whoopi Goldberg.

Marley(Kate Hudson) meets Julian(Gael Garcia Bernal). And he just might be the one.

 “it’s not for me and that’s okay because this idea that you have to fall in love in order to live happily ever after is just not true…
A Little Bit Of Heaven

Although, is Hudson getting a little too old for these sort of romantic endeavors? And has Gael lost his luster? Of course not. I think viewers will be happy to find these two together. Even if some say the mother daughter relationship should be stronger in this film. I am not quite sure many are seeing the film for that reason.

Premise: A guarded woman finds out she's dying of cancer, but when she meets her match, the threat of falling in love is scarier than death.


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