Friday, February 24, 2012

Tomorrow, When the War Began

Originally this Australian film came out in 2010, but its getting a new release for Americans in theaters.

Its a story of Australian teens out having fun on a campout, just to wake up to an invasion of sorts. Soon these teens are surviving. Naturally, there is enough eye-candy for everyone in this movie. Add some sci-fi and lots of things that blow up, and its a movie that has something for everyone.

The movie stars SECRET CIRCLE'S Phoebe Tonkin. Blond and bold. Along with more Australian Deniz Akdentz and Caitlin Stasey. Also Rachel Hurd-Wood stars in the film, as well.

What starts out as a playful trip with nature comes the triumph of banning together with all their skills to fight the enemy.

Its the end of the beginning

The movie is based on a John Marsden novel.  The film won over fans in Australia, but who knows what it might hold for American fans. Much of it is a rural 90210(Australian style!). But don't we love our characters from that show? It might be a hit or miss movie for some, but I'm sure their a target audience it can deliver too.

Its the end of the beginning


TOMORROW, WHEN THE WAR BEGAN 2 is in the works!

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