Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sea of Cortez

It all started with their EP TESTING THE WATERS. Next thing you know, their music is on TEENWOLF. These guys are definitely emerging!

Kind of hard to explain their music. It definitely gives an amazing soundtrack to a movie or perhaps on your way to work in the car or maybe a walk in the park. This band certainly has a way of carrying you through the emotion. They are based out of L.A. Christian Thomas and Thomas Vincent.

"Their much anticipated full-length album, “Make It Sound”, offers 13 classic tracks that showcase their wide range of styles, each representing different influences and the merging of eclectic genres. Upon first listen, the seemingly minimal album is rich with complex harmonies and soundscapes, providing new experiences to the listener with each playback. Dive in head first."-Naakte Pop

Their latest CD is MAKE IT SOUND.
Sea of Cortez

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