Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Club 8

I’m fading into them as they are fading into me
We’re like clouds
The movement goes on
I disappear in the crowd
I thought I had to leave this
I tried to escape for so long 
But this is where I am
This is where I still belong-Dancing with the Mentally Ill

Club 8 is basically the male voice of ACID HOUSE KINGS,Joakim Ödlund and Karolina Komstedt (thanks Anonymous!). The group has been together since 1996. Their latest CD came out in 2010, The People's Record. Its Scandinavian pop that's catchy with very strange titles to their songs. Even so, you'll find the songs thoughtful and sublime if given a chance, to get your day started or to end it in a relaxing way that will keep you smiling.

"Since 1996, Club 8 have been churning out sophisticated pop in their native Sweden with nary a Stateside accolade. (Anyone? Anyone?) For The People’s Record—their seventh—the duo (Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård) have expanded their melodic sonic pallet with traces of Afro-pop, bossa nova, and South American jazz. The result is a warmly inviting album that’s as sweet as it is cleverly composed."-Laura Studarus


Its music you'll find yourself wanting to start a relationship with. And you'll find a way to make it personal from its lyrics and unique blend of pop and party atmosphere which all along is very indie.

Club 8 music


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