Friday, January 6, 2012

Richard Harmon

Who's to say, this is his year. But perhaps, last year was too. Especially, with a new cult classic in 2011, that still might been seen this coming year by viewers. He's showing he's more than a bit part or a day player on television.

He definitely gave a movie maker's vision a lot to savor in the unique film Judas Kiss. The thing is with Harmon's expressive face he can definitely play complicated characters. And he definitely makes things complicated in Judas Kiss.

Harmon, Canadian born,  usually gets roles like "smart ass kid" or "bad boy". He's been in the series THE KILLING and TOWER PREP. He just finished up the movie GIRL IN PROGRESS and is working on the TV movie The Pregnancy Project. He was Ian on Secret Circle.

I'd love to see him in a move with Kyle Gallner.


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