Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jane by Design

Jane by Design is a new show on ABC family. Basically the theme of this teen drama is Devil Wears Prada meets high school. Its on right after Switched at Birth to give those who love fashion some drama, too.

Erica Dasher plays Jane, who has been dubbed Plane Jane (yet I can't really see it) at school, although, perhaps kids just look at her as that girl who'll take chances on fashion. Her best buddy, who might not always be on the up and up with life or his love life, is played by the charming bad boy (but not really) Nick Roux as Billy.

Actually, all Jane wants is to do what she loves. Fashion. And she accidentally get the job working for a fashion company. Also, Jane wants to help her brother who is having trouble finding work. The once popular brother played by Clayton David Rogers is now finding it hard to have a stable job after college. Things aren't quite what they used to be at home after Jane's father died. Jane's mother left them when she was three.

Now on a whim and with Billy's help she takes on the industry of fashion as Andie MacDowell's assistant. They only communicate, via through the big screen. And her boss is quite the devil to work for. Yet, MacDowell has her own enemies at work.

Seriously, the show is quite a juggle from school to fashion. Especially, for Jane. So the show really is on its toes, most times. Of course, the show has plenty of eye-candy and fashion. Yet, is that enough? Plenty of viewers are wishing Chloe King was back. We miss our Benjamin Stone, for starters. Grey Damon has moved on to SECRET CIRCLE. We can only hope Ben becomes a foreign exchange student and will get a better part than 'Blank' on 10 things I hate about you..somewhere on ABC Family, ABC or jump ship and go to the CW.

Back to Jane by Design, there is a certain nervousness about it, that might be too much to enjoy. Its hard to pace a teen drama. Well, any drama these days. Hopefully, it'll get all the rough spots smoothed out soon.

Seriously, though, I'd just like to see the romance bloom between Jane and Billy. But that might not be what the writers have in mind.


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