Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Its that time of year again.

Hardly the best movies come out in January. Although, I'm sure an award winner will make it to your movieplex.

Although, there are the others... you may or may not want to walk into.

1. THE DARKEST HOUR. With a theme like Skyline, and sci-fi, you just know the whole cast is doomed in  this special effects horror movie. This means the dialogue is bad, the acting is pathetic and the producers are banking on special effects. In fact, you can only see Darkest Hour in 3D, here..which means more money to spend on going in. Even for a matinee. Also, none of the characters are likeable. So I guess you won't worry so much when they are killed off in the movie.

The sad thing is, you've got such a wonderful group of actors to be in this film. I have seen them do some pretty good acting, for the most part. Its just, you won't find it in this movie.

One of the reasons why I wanted to see this movie.

2. THE DEVIL WITHIN. Granted, you sort of know what you are paying for when you go to a film like this. Sometimes, you just want to see something entirely different than what all the box office is raving about. Unfortunately, there isn't all that much to savor. Fernanda Andrade serves her purpose. The daughter who witness' exorcisms so she can figure out what happened to her mother. It does go to some ugly places in the story. And has almost a pseudo documentary feel to it(jumpy camera work..need I say more). Susan Crowley is the mother who can definitely play a scary mother.  But watching the trailer might be watching the best parts of the film. The ending is terribly lame.

Although, some might fall in love with Father Ben played by Simon Quarterman

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