Tuesday, December 6, 2011

heartbeats - DVD review

If you are in a mood for a cool foreign film look no further. You've got a modern love story to savor.  It looks so French yet it was made in Canada. HEARTBEATS is fresh in young love.

Its the story about three friends which turns into a love-triangle. I wont say its Canada's answer to THE DREAMERS, but it has the very cool Xaiver Dolan (who also directed and wrote the story to this film), Monica Chokri and Neils Schneider.

This is a film about young love trying to find the perfect love. Of course, you might fall in love with the style of the film. Maria (Monica Chokri) is the kind of character who is very vintage, and quite loveable.

Its hard to write a modern love story, but this film tackles it in a very genuine way. You might fall in love with the soundtrack, as well. It also has a sly humor, too.

STORYLINE: The story of three close friends who are involved in a love-triangle.

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