Thursday, December 8, 2011

Evan Peters

A part of me still remembers him as Cooper Day in THE DAYS. Oh, how he's grown since then. And his latest character as Tate Langdon in American Horror Story goes to show just what an amazing actor Evan Peters really is.

Perhaps you remember him as Jesse on ABC's INVASION, or that geeky friend on Phil from the Future. Chances are when you think of him, you think of his Jack Daniels on ONE TREE HILL(season 6) where he was Samantha Walker's (Ashley Rickard) love interest. Rumor has it, they are still dating, but it might be just a rumor.

"I think he really looks adorable here :D who would’ve thought that he would set his mothers lover on flames and commit a shooting massacre in his school the next morning?" shadow race

As of yet TATE is possibly Evan's most complex character on American Horror Story. Is Tate dead? Does he have split personality? Could he possibly be the father of the anti-christ? Or just a mass murder that doesn't know he's dead? Yes, that's the strangeness of this show. And viewers can't get enough of it. Nor Tate for that matter.

"He just keeps getting more and more attractive with each episode. Even though his character is a crazy kid. This actor has obtained quite a following!" a tumblr fan


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