Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dominique McElligott

There isn't a lot we know about her. Although, she comes off in a league of her own as a young Jessica Lange. Some see her as a new Naomi Watts. She is definitely getting bigger roles, especially as "Lily" in HELL ON WHEELS. Her character is strong and courageous as a pioneer woman who is from a rather prestigious up bringing at a railroad town, where she's now a widow, but was saved by  Native American Eddie Spears "Joseph Black Moon" (which many viewers shipped very much). Although, it looks as if her character might be smitten by the new railroad man, Anson Mount.

She's been in the TV series RAW and in movies as MOON and a bit part in LEAP YEAR. Possibly, more memorable in DARK FLOORS.

Catch episodes of HELL ON WHEELS.


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