Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bag of Bones

Ready for a horror drama?

Well, get ready. A&E, brings you two night of Stephen King's novel. Starting tonight at 9/8c.

The drama stars Pierce Bronsan and Melissa George with Jason Priestly, but it might be Caitlin Carmichael who steals the show.

Also new comer, Joel Freckelton as Harold Noonan is one to watch for as well.

Listen to the old-timers who remember the rich and successful in their salad days (and all the old-timers claim they do), and you’ll hear that they ate the wallpaper, fucked the dog, and showed up at church suppers wearing nothing but their pee-stained BVDs.
Stephen King, Bag of Bones

STORYLINE: The main character, Mike Noonan, is an author living in Derry, Maine who suffers from severe writer's block after the death of his wife...


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