Saturday, November 5, 2011

Charm School - dvd review

Maria Aura,Camilla Sodi, Martha Higaredia,Alejandra Adame, & Ximena Sariñana

Charm School is a film from Mexico that came out in 2007. Better known as Nina Mal, yet not to be confused with the TV series that I'm not quite sure is a take off from the movie or not. Yet, its more of story from the lesbian nature from Mexico's MTV. Although, it stars a Pia and Valentina in that series which are names of characters in this movie.

This film is adorable even at R rated. Mainly, its due to the language, which I might add is in English subtitles.

Martha Higareda is the feisty Adela Leon, a would be senator's daughter. She's kind of a Spanish punk Amele. Fresh faced yet can only show her emotions as fierce. Part of it has to do with her missing her mother. Thus, because of all her outlandish angst she gets sent to a charm school. Where she meets other girls desperate to fit in.

The school is ran by Maca Ribera (Blanca Guerra) who tries to reason with the different girls about how they can make a house a home. Of course, Adela is her biggest challenge. There is Pia, Valentina, Maribel and Heidi in the class. They live with Maca for a few weeks.

The movie is rather playful. Its sweet how the girls come together in friendship. Adele starts off as the misunderstood mean girl, yet we see a transition, but she is still her original self.

Some sexy scenes with Martha and Daniel Berlanga, but not explicit. Its interesting to see how other countries compose scenes like this. And I might add..all in good taste.

If you need a little help with your Spanish, well..this is one way to enjoy a lesson in it.

STORYLINE: The ultimate rebel Adela boasts three tattoos, a body piercing and a recent arrest for alleged indecent behavior. Petrified that his beloved daughter will spoil his chances of becoming the next governor of Mexico City, Adela's father has enrolled her in the only remaining charm school for young ladies in the city. Maca Ribera guarantees that her school can turn any young girl into a "domestic goddess" ... that is until she meets Adela. The two determined women face-off in a battle of wills that turns the school and its colorful bunch of school-mates upside down when Maca attempts to transform the irreverent Adela into a suitable First Daughter.


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