Sunday, October 2, 2011

what's your number- movie review

I have such mixed feelings about this movie. For one, I'd been looking forward to this movie. I guess I am a Anna Harris fan. She puts herself out there in comedy that most actresses wouldn't dare. And there is something quirky and ditzy about her that somehow makes me smile. Sometimes. True, I've seen her in a few hits and misses. Smiley Face might have been one of them, but I still couldn't help but own the movie.

Yet, I have to wonder if the movie tried too hard. There aren't that many laugh out loud moments. Yet, there are a series of awkward moments.

This is what many of us have to look forward too, minus the abs, of course, but scruffiness and usually video games follow.

Harris' Ally has lost her job and her boyfriend (played by the cool and gone green and grizzly Zachary Quinto). Instead of thinking how to kick her career into action in marketing, she's soon obessed by all the guys she's slept with. Why hasn't she found the one? While her little sister played by a very sober Ari Graynor (You right remember her as the drunk girl in Nick & Norah), Daisy is getting married. I won't spoil anything what happens on her sister's outings with the bridemaids, but she's got neighbor Colin, the beefy Chris Evans, to the rescue. Of course, she might be saving him too.

One might wonder where they came up for this character in the movie?

Ally is smart enough to know Colin's kind. The king of one night stands. Still they find a friendship. Evans is interesting enough, charming to a certain extent. Yet, who might really take the screen by surprise is Anna's real life husband Chris Pratt. He's one of her exs. They definitely have a few awkward moments together. Better yet, are the flashbacks when they were together. I was hoping there would be more to see is Andy Samberg. What we did see of him..was pretty disgusting..braces and all.

The thing is, we all come to a point in our life to re-evaluate ourselves about the ones we chose to date, to have relationships with. Unfortunately, this film might take it to the extreme. Perhaps, there was more depth to the movie than one realizes at first glance.

Of course, there is the gross factor to factor in. Its not totally awful, but a few places just pure yuck. Sex scenes were standard fare. If that....

Yet on the plus side, I adored Ally's apartment. And I like the idea that two people finally woke up in their over-sexed lives to know what they were missing in a relationship.  Of course, there is that thought, how many lovers should anyone have before they are a confirmed slut? And other questions might arrive in conversations about the movie. It does give you something to talk about.

STORYLINE: A woman looks back at the past twenty men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love.


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