Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mondo Beyondo: Ursula 1000

Alex Gimeno is a DJ best known for Ursula 1000, a wide-ranging musical project including lounge, breakbeat, glam and cha cha. His influences of the 50's and 60's can be heard in many of his sounds, yet he gives it a rather world party influence, as well.

He got his start in the music industry in 1990. The first band he formed was THE POSTMARKS. He also had his own radio show on the pirate radio station, WOMB. His albums are usually mixes of other bands. Ursula 1000 comes from the bond girl Ursula Andress.

Most might remember his Here comes tomorrow. His music is described as new wave, post punk, glam rock, hip hop, acid rock.

His work has been in episodes of SEX IN THE CITY, Desperate Housewives and Grey Anatomy. Some of his songs have been in AT&T and Samsung commercials..just to name a few.

In August he came out with Mondo Beyondo. He has a little help from Fred Schneider of the B-52's. If you are needing something to liven up the party, you might want to try Ursula 1000.

"Mondo Beyondo sounds like The Munsters went to a disco party on LSD" says one fan.

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