Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fiction Tuesday - A Shore Thing

This is a prize I won at Cafe-Fashionista. ..via Lucy & Sarah...a sister site who it And I'm glad I did, because it gave me a chance to see Snooki do fiction.

True, you might want to read it on the beach. For someone us, its something to keep us warm this winter. Nicole Polizzi takes us on a summer ride on the Jersey Shore. What you might not know, Snooki's alter-ego Gia, is sweet, funny and just wants to find her man on the beach.

This is the story about two girls from Brooklyn. Bella and Gia are cousins. While Gia is short and stout and quite the charmer, Bella is tall, athletic and slender. Gia goes through boyfriends like flavors of ice cream. Bella is still trying to get over Bobby who she's known since high school. They make a fresh start of summer on the Jersey Shore. Actually, Gia is from this part of the world, but since her parents split and she and her Mom moved to Brooklyn, she hadn't been back.

Naturally, Gia has her enemies. She might not do everything perfectly. However, this is a girl who can glam it up, from a poof to putting on eye-lashes.

This novel has been on the New York Times Best Seller list. I did find the book more charming than I thought I would. Definitely, you don't meet that many girls like this one. Snooki has a way of making the story about making the right choices, remembering family..yet still being sexy.

Gia gets in to all sorts of adventures. Her cousin has her own troubles too. Give Snooki a chance. Its a fun read. Her new book GORILLA BEACH will be out May 2012.


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