Friday, October 21, 2011

Chris Zylka

Secret Circle did a very bad thing. They killed Nick off. The good thing, his older brother shows up, Jake Armstrong played by none other than the very gorgeous Chris Zylka.

Interesting fact, Thomas Dekker and Chris were in Ka-Boom together. Oddly, Faye mentions an inside joke on the show. "They made magic together..."

Anyway, Chris has joined the cast now. Although, Nick played by Louis Hunter will be sorely missed. True, they did make him a bit of a player and an orphan which has to make me wonder if the writers really know their characters, after all. Hopefully, they'll bring back Nick..somehow.

Some fans feel there should be a balance in this circle. 3 guys and 3 girls. I can think of one other they could bring in. Kyle Gallner. He could play a Colin Gray type (remember Jennifer's body). They really need to tap in on an emo character. 

Back to Chris, as an actor he's certainly grown since 10 Things I hate about You. Chris is FLASH THOMPSON in the AMAZING SPIDERMAN movie that will be out soon. His character Jake might stir up trouble for everyone on Secret Circle.


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