Sunday, September 11, 2011

Solitary Man - dvd review

There is so much I wanted to love about this film, but couldn't. I didn't even want to try..after awhile.

First of all, the film has such an amazing cast. It just has to be great. But its not.

I could hardly stand Michael Douglas' Ben Kalmen. It didn't really show me what a great man he used to be. He's quite a womanizer. Evidently, we aren't suppose to like him. He's rather childish too. He doesn't really care about his daughter, Jenna Fisher who I will admit did a fantastic job in this film from what scenes she got.

Unfortunately, you have a fantastic cast wasted in this movie. Obviously, someone did not hit their target audience while putting this film together. They were banking on Michael Douglas to carry this whole film. Evidently.

I wanted a story about Jesse Eisenberg and Olivia Thirlby (maybe Caitlin and Megan will write it for me). Something quirky and real. But no, this is showing how ridiculous... an old man thinks he's still hot stuff with the ladies. I did like how Olivia Thirlby's character set Douglas straight at a frat party.

It was so hard.. having any sympathy for many of the characters. I felt we never got to know ..any of them... There were characters I didn't find any interest in. Not even Imogen Poots.

This has to be on my list of a movies that I don't want to have to endure again.

Imogene as Allyson who was only hoping to get back at her mom..but takes down someone else's life instead.

STORYLINE: Ben Kalman is aging: he has heart problems, his marriage is over, he's lost a fortune after being caught cutting corners in his East Coast car business, and he's sleeping with as many women as possible - the younger the better. He's chosen his current girlfriend, Jordan, because her father can help him get a new auto dealership; she's asked him to escort her daughter, Allyson, 18, on a visit to a Boston college campus. He behaves badly, and there are consequences to his love life, his finances, and his relationship with his daughter and grandson. Is there anywhere he can turn?


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