Monday, September 19, 2011

How to be - dvd review

OK, if you are a Robert Pattinson fan, you must own this DVD. Its a very quirky little indie film. Actually, its an IFC film. Robert is pretty much the headliner in this movie, about a awkward sort who just isn't sure what his problem really is. Of course, he thinks it all boils down to his busy parents who actually never had time for him. Or was he one of those, who needed too much time?

Not sure if he's a slacker or a nerd...

Truly, I've never seen Pattinson put himself out there like he did in this movie. Art is quite a character. And well..different. Raw, fickle, and usually does the wrong thing. His mates are no help. He turns to a self-help book ITS NOT YOUR FAULT. Even spends his uncle's inheritance to get the author to come stay with his family for awhile.

He knew he was depressed before his girlfriend broke up with him, but to move back home seems to give him more time to think what went wrong in his life. He tries to lie to get his school teacher love to take him back. Even with the help of the old self help guru, it doesn't help his situation with his ex.

His mates are practically in the same boat. Not sure what to do with their life.

Honestly, the film goes around and around in circles. It doesn't deliver much. His one friend who does have a flat is rather a recluse. I thought it would have been more amusing..if once they got him out of the flat ..he'd say. "I haven't a key to get back in." You know, as maybe he'd squatted there so long. Something, a little more..edgy. In a sense, there was a feel of just spoiled little rich kids. Yet, its an interesting flick.

So awkward..maybe endearing down at the community center - among those not sure what's going on.

Although, we do see that Pattinson's Art is caring. He volunteers. He has a job at the grocery store. Too bad, there wasn't something that didn't come along to inspire him.

His parents are not amused.

On one hand, its good to see him so different and clumsy. Yes, I could see him as someone from where I'm from. I know guys who hide in their basements, playing video games, who dress like this. Rub his hair back as this character did.  Yet, I'm not sure if its enough to make the film a little masterpiece. Yet, Art sort of grows on you..a lot like my friends do.

If you just want to watch Robert for and hour and half going through life like a character study of some sort, you just might want to find yourself a copy of this movie.

STORYLINE: At first fancying himself an "enigmatic poet", twenty something Art gradually realizes that he must take action if he's going to escape his depressed life as a struggling musician in London. A solution comes in the shape of a book titled "It's Not Your Fault". Not content to just draw inspiration from its pages, however, Art invites the elderly author of the book to come live with him and his parents, which quickly becomes a painfully funny journey about dysfunction and growing up.


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