Saturday, September 24, 2011

Free agents - TV review

NBC is once again trying to remake a British series - the original actually will begin airing on BBC America in October.

By far this has to be my favorite new comedy. Especially, on NBC. I know they've made a hoopla all summer about UP ALL NIGHT, but seriously, FREE AGENTS is the adult office comedy of the season.

You have Hank Azara as Alex, the new divorced guy who can't stop crying. Everything makes him think of his kids. Of course, his buddies at work are wanting him to be the new wing man, but Alex in'ts quite up for the challenge. Or is he? Or is his one night stand (who so happens to be a co-worker) with Helen going to come through as a whole lot more. Helen is played by the wonderful sarcastic Kathryn Hahn, going through her own journey after the death of her fiance that died over a year ago.

The conversations have been smart so far on the series. And what a mad cast. Its delightful to see the wonderful Anthony Head as the boss who might be smarter than they know. Or is he? There is Mo Mandel as co-worker Andrew trying his best to help Alex find a new life, and Al Madrigal as the co-worker everyone sort of looks over.

Everyone needs a Natasha Leggero in their office.

This show has great writing and terrific actors to play the parts. Hank Azara is one of the executive producers. I hope all will take note of it. Its so quirky and fresh. I'm totally into FREE AGENTS!

STORYLINE: Alex is recently divorced, and Helen lost her fiance a year ago. Obviously, these two are definitely not ready to be dating again. So naturally, they end up in bed together one night. Oops. And they're co-workers. Double oops. At least they have one thing in common: they're both in need of getting back on the horse again but unable to figure out how. Despite their little romantic encounter, however, they decide to just remain friends. Helen insists this has nothing to do with Alex crying like a baby after sex. And Alex tries to reassure Helen that she'll have no trouble finding a new boyfriend as soon as she removes the pictures of her dead fiance that are all over her apartment. The rest of the office tries to get Alex back out there... but no matter how many terrible shirts they make him buy, he's never going to be a ladies' man. His colleagues aren't actually...


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