Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fiction Tuesday - Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have)

This book is by the author of the Bras & Broomsticks series, Sarah Mlynowski. I must add right away that this book is Sara Shepherd (Pretty Little Liars) approved. And it is quite a tale of being put on the spot, to grow up quickly.

Of course, you wouldn't think that would be with the case for April, who has apparently never lied before, but she feels a bit left behind. Her mom and dad have divorced. She didn't go with her Mom and little brother to Paris. Instead, she stayed with dear old dad who remarries someone who just can't wait to get back to Cleveland.

April is standing her ground for various reasons. One of those, is her boyfriend Jonah and her best friends. And she's waiting for the next step in their relationship..SEX. She can't leave now. So she and her friend find a way to get Dad to let her stay in town...which leads plenty of time of no parental control. If that's not enough, there is the mysterious Hudson waiting in the wings.

I love the way Mlynowski set up her chapters and the way she told the story through past problems. Of course, April still has a lot of growing up to do when it comes to living on her own in her friend's basement. There are great expenditures that aren't only on hot tubs, but what is near and dear to her.

STORYLINE: Based on Sarah Mlynowski’s book. Told through the eyes of April(Victoria Justice) who finds a way to finish her school year by staying with her friend Violet (Greer Grammar) are home alone for the semester. Its a winter of deciding what to go for with their boyfriends. April’s boyfriend Jonah (Jesse Moss) just might not be on the up and up with her. Its Hudson (Nick Roux) to the rescue.

I have to admit, I thought she and her friend were fairly OK when it came to party-times and school. I was surprised at the twist and turns. The author spends a little time on April wondering if she's too much like or Mom or is she too much like her Dad which I think we can all relate too.

This book is a fun read and yet you can take a lot from it, as well. I really have to put Sarah Mlynowski on my list of one of my favorite teen authors now.

Nick Roux would definitely make a sexy and mysterious Hudson, but I'm sure it wouldn't be an R rated movie.

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