Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Skyler Samuels

What is it about a girl named Skyler? Previously, I remember her on THE GATES as Andie Bates. Her character had problems keeping a boyfriend  alive there too. It seems even on that show she could kill a guy with a kiss. Just as her Chloe on The Nine Lives of Chloe King can kill a guy with a kiss too. Just don't tempt her. This is one role that Skyler makes real. Coping with temptation.

Before Skyler went Supernatural, she was on plenty of Disney & Nick stuff. She was also in the 2009 version of THE STEPFATHER.

Now she gets to be on a show with Benjamin Stone and Grey Damon. She is certainly focused as an actress. She's also jumped in to be fit for the part as well as Chloe King who isn't quite human. The show has surprised plenty of viewers. On one level the show it rather supernatural, yet it has a way of showing true friendship as well...along with all those other problems that come up in adolescents.


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