Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday Night Dinner

Adam and Jonny

I guess there is life after THE INBETWEENERS. Maybe.

Simon Bird this time around is in a different situation comedy. He's Adam, the oldest son of a British Jewish family. He's in his mid-twenties and trying to find a career as a musican. He and his brother Jonny played by Tom Rosenthal who is younger and quite the prankster sending Adam odd and silly texts during their very long Friday night dinners with their parents.

The Dad is played by Paul Ritter who sometimes repeats things. His hearing is going, as well as other thing..perhaps. They might find him shirtless for no apparent reason. Mum is played by Tamsin Greig who is serious about everything. Somewhat blunt. One has to wonder who her true favorite is.

Naturally, there is that age old storyline that Adam needs a female in his life. Thankfully, Adam has his everlasting crush around, Tuppence Middleton plays Tanya. But will Adam get the girl? Hopefully, Simon Bird will get more of a chance of mature storylines than in THE INBETWEENERS. Still I do miss that show.

Adam's possible love interest.

There were only 6 episodes made this year, but Channel 4 says the show will be back in 2012. Now those episodes are running on BBCA.


Mike Snow Music on the show...

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