Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cash Cash

Amazingly this New Jersey band started in 2002 (All the way back to 3rd grade!). Although there have been a few changes with the band over the years. This group has been on the Warped tour and even supported Cobra Starship in the UK. They've toured with Family Force 5 and Breathe Carolina, as well.

The band was started by long time best friends Sam Frisch, Jean Paul Makhlouf and then bassist Jeff Sayers a.k.a $nake$, for fun, with drummer Michael Diroma Cruisester(Anthony Villacari is the new drummer). In the beginning they were THE CONSEQUENCE but ran into some legal troubles with the hip hop artist by that name so they decided to go with Cash Cash.

 These guys have been making the dance charts with their singles RED CUP, PARTY IN YOUR BEDROOM and VICTIM OF LOVE. Their latest release came out in April, Love or Lust.

Jean Paul and Alex Luke Makhlouf are featured in the video game, Sonic Colors. They sing the theme song, "Reach For The Stars" as well as the ending song, "Speak With Your Heart".



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