Friday, July 1, 2011

Katie Leclerc

You might know her from ABC Family's summer show SWITCHED AT BIRTH. She plays Daphne Vasquez.

Katie was born in Texas but grew up in Colorado. She was active in drama in high school and got her start on Veronica Mars.  She starred in FASHION HOUSE in 2006. She was Claire in the INNER CIRCLE and even played the deaf girl on RJ BERGER. But this is Katie's first big role on SWITCHED AT BIRTH.

She is perfect for this part because she has such a natural sunny disposition which is something you also notice in the Kennish family on the show. As an actress she comes off with such a genuine gentle nature which I can't say I see in that many actress her age.

Katie might be deaf, yet that is only a part of her. She is definitely a role model for other deaf students and actors. Katie suffers from Meniere's disease.

She just wrapped up the movie THE ONES.


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