Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kaboom - DVD review

Nobody could wear this like Juno Temple

This is an IFC film. Also another WHY NOT production which Gregg Araki has been a part of since at least 1995. Yes, Araki is strictly indie. He is not mainstream. Once upon a time he made a pilot for MTV for a show THIS IS HOW THE WORLD ENDS, and well, it didn't get very far.

Juno, Thomas & Haley
Duval really hasn't changed much since Doom Generation. & to think in real-life he's a yoga expert.
Let the right one in with Brennan Mejia

Araki is possibly misunderstood. Some get him. Some would probably forbid themselves to witness his 90210 genre on acid. But still, Araki is sharp, dark witted and perhaps too deep for his own good. Or on the other hand, some would say he's definitely shallow. But young Hollywood loves to be in his movies. He can  take an ABC Family favorite and turn him into a monster. That's the way Araki does it. Along the way, one might wonder to if James Duval is his muse. He was in his 1995 Doomed Generation. Even still, Duval has a certain vibe that is possibly the real Gregg Araki, even in Kaboom as Messiah.

Haley and Roxann

Araki usually makes his females bitter and angst. Yet, this time around he brings out the best in Haley Bennett as Stella. Sure she's got her own problems with her lesbian witch girlfriend, Roxann Mesquida who is ever so Eva Green in this film. Still Stella is there for her bestie Smith(the main character) played by scruffy Thomas Dekker.

Its a college movie exposing the slick dark side of University life in a hipster's world ...that just might go TO FAR. Smith would like to find that perfect boyfriend, but somewhere along the way, that physical stuff takes over when he meets Juno Temple's London. But then there is Jason Olive who he meets at the beach. And of course his roommate Thor played by the sex god, Chris Zylke, who might be the dumbest dude around..or not. Needless to say, Gregg knows how to find beautiful people.

This film is full of sex, drugs..and crime. Naturally, its a downward spiral of everything. Possibly it just went KABOOM in Smith's head. It would have been wonderful to actually see a full blown romance bloom..just once with the right person in a Araki film. I so loved Brennan Mejia as Oliver. But as usual, this sort of character plays only a bit part in Araki's films. I do hope he gives Mejia a chance to be in at least another film. Honestly, I think he could be his next James Duval of Araki's dark world. But then again, I'm possibly the only one who noticed this. Araki has a way of showing such hipster style, yet so real and mysterious.

Anyway, best not to read too much into Araki's films. He takes you on a ride into a world that you'd only want to visit and never actually want to be a part of.

an Araki moment

STORYLINE: Smith's everyday life in the dorm - hanging out with his arty, sarcastic best friend Stella, hooking up with a beautiful free spirit named London, lusting for his gorgeous but dim surfer roommate Thor - all gets turned upside-down after one fateful, terrifying night.


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