Saturday, July 30, 2011

Johnathon Schaech

You might ask yourself, who in the world in that fellow in your header?

Well, that guy used to be married to Christina Applegate. Then they divorced around 2005 and he got married again. But that marriage didn't last so long with ONE TREE HILLS' Jana Kramer.

He was the it guy in the 90's. With that Harry Connick Jr. smirk and oh so devious looks, he showed he was more than just a model. And he did model. A member of the of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and coached in acting by the legendary Roy London. Now, Jon is active in TACA (Talk About Curing Autism).

There was a time he was voted as the sexiest vampire. You might have caught him in THE FORSAKEN with Brendan Fehr back in 2001. He was the most wicked vampire in this so called cult classic.

But if you want to see him in indie action, you've got to see him as Xavier in Doom Generation. He was such a breakout character. Funny, to think he could be in THAT THING YOU DO that Tom Hanks directed. Yeap, Johnothan's got acting skills.

Recently, he was the bad stalker in PROM NIGHT. Maybe that's where you know him from.

John is a writer, producer and director. You can look for him in new movies like Love Letters in the Sand, The Book of Matthew, Dark Circles, ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2, Hidden Moon, 5 Days of War.

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