Saturday, July 2, 2011

INBETWEENERS - the movie

Chances are you are hooked on this Channel 4 comedy in the UK. Mostly likely, you've seen their style of comedy on YOU TUBE.

The INBETWEENS have won scads of awards (across the pond) for their show of 4 geeky boys trying at life's lessons with girls, sex and everything that goes along with it. The TV show came out in 2008.

In reality, these boys are in their late twenties and possibly nothing like their alter egos. They are writers themselves. Yet come off with the natural ability to play such unique characters.

Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Simon Bird

STORYLINE: The exploits of four friends, who are socially only marginally above what one of them calls "the freaks", are presented as they grow from their late teen years into adults and as they go on their quest, usually unsuccessfully, for such grown up things as beer and sex. Simon Cooper, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland have been friends for some time. Insecure Simon's main quest in life is to get long time friend, Carli D'Amato, to be his girlfriend. Jay is the big talker whose stories, especially about his sexual conquests, are more fantasy than reality. And slightly dim-witted Neil is generally two steps behind everyone else in comprehension of life, and who is always defending his father from beliefs that he's a closet homosexual. Into the group comes its fourth member, Will McKenzie, who met them when he transferred into their public school, Rudge Park Comprehensive, at the start of sixth form...

This August the boys go to Crete which is what the movie is about. Many are anxious for this film. But who knows when this movie might get to America.

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