Saturday, June 18, 2011

TEEN WOLF review

OK, we are now into the third episode on MTV's latest TV show. And Scott McCall(Tyler Posey) and Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechin) have had a showdown. But this kind of fighting in the pack usually leads to just getting to know each other.

Some absolutely hate this show. But I'm not sure why. Some feel its too homo..something another because Tyler Posey has his shirt off too much. Always something. You can't make everyone happy.

Just besties! Tyler with Dylan

Honestly, I love the chemistry between Scott and Allison(Crystal Reed). Tyler Posey is definitely a genuine teen on the show. He's a bit of an underdog..until now. Of course, he might be a lonely wolf boy yet with his new found ability to be out of control.

I like his side kick, Stiles played by Dylan O'Brien. What a great twist too, Allison's dad is a werewolf hunter or is he the alfa werewolf on to them?

Then there is Lydia(Holland Roden) and Jackson(Colton Haynes). You have to wonder what Lydia is hiding and how far Jackson might go to join the pack ..just for the power.

Colton Haynes ready to show what he's made of

I won't say the show is meant to be funny, but it has some wit, some drama and even some horror.

Derek Hale is quite the anti-hero. But you can't help but feel a little sad or something.. for him, all alone in a burned out house where no one is suppose to live. Each episode you learn a little more about him.

The show is showing more of Scott's Mom who's a nurse. Scott works at an Animal hospital. I'm learning there are alpha and beta werewolves. I like the way the knowledge is being explained. I hope they continue this show because its a lot of fun to watch. Action to get into and of course, the characters are growing on me. And they make pretty cool wolf guys too.

I have noticed that Tyler Posey does not have the perfect face, yet that's what makes him so endearing. He's so animated and can show fear just as into... his character is with Crystal Reed's character.

My latest Summer Obsession!

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