Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Panda Bear

Noah Lennox is Panda Bear

Panda Bear (a.k.a. Noah Lennox) is part of Animal Collective. His last CD which took years in the making Person Pitch. Panda Bear has a way of fusing acoustic and electronics together. He's also inspired by his own life. Like marriage, moving to Lisbon and becoming a father.

animal collective

“When I first started writing songs and making recordings of songs I would make little tapes,” Lennox reveals personably. “On a couple of the early tapes that I made, I drew panda bears or took images of panda bears and put them on there. I can’t remember really why, other than that they’re my favorite animal and I thought they looked cool. They were pretty easy for me to draw.” Lennox has grown light-years since those early days, both musically and personally. He has settled down and started a family in Lisbon — we missed our interview yesterday because he was out walking with his son, for which he apologized profusely, “Thank you for sticking with me, I’m really glad we get to do it today.”-Huffington Post

His latest solo project is Tomboy which came out this last April. The tracks are certainly nostalgic and endearing the way they are put together along with a 'wall of sound'. All fans will agree, you have to really listen to this CD. Some may have to keep listening to it, to really enjoy it.
 “I don’t want you to describe something I’m not, i don’t want to hide the hopes that I have. I just want you to enjoy what’s meant to enjoy.”- Panda 'Last Night at the Jetty'

Panda is definitely original and unique. He pulls from the past and yet his songs represent now. Panda Bear is certainly giving the listener a lot to listen to. 50 minutes worth on this CD. He definitely puts a lot of effort in certain guitars and drums used in his arrangements. What you hear is not just some samples from electronic keyboards. Panda Bear the real deal.

I really don’t mean to complain in any way. I feel really lucky to have everything I have, but it is curious the way my life has gone considering the type of person I am. I’m very shy and reserved, so for me to have this public life as a performer is a weird thing to be doing.”-Panda Bear

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