Friday, June 3, 2011

Nicholas Hoult

He's still gorgeous. Yes, I said it.

He can wear glasses. He can play a beast. Have short hair. Long hair. Put him in dreds. Still he can make a character his own. And he's showing, he's a far better actor than his co-star Hugh Grant could ever be..all the way back to ABOUT A BOY. Just an after thought, back then. This is the now.

He plays Beast in the new X-Men movie that's out today. He showed the essence of beauty in A Simple Man. Now he's making nerd look awesome in the X-Men: First Class. He's filming Jack the Giant Killer, Mad Max:Fury Road and also Warm Bodies.

Nic has a way of creating psycho paths or genuinely good people in his acting. He's shown what he was made of as the original Tony Stoneham in SKINS. Yet, he's been generous enough to take small roles too, as he did in Clash of the Titans.


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