Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fiction Tuesday - Boyfriends with Girlfriends - a book review

I've enjoyed Alex Sanchez's works since finding Rainbow Boys. He's back with a new topic. And for those who are bi-curious, well this is the book that might get you talking with friends.


This is the story of Sergio (who's bi) getting up the nerve to met Lance (who's gay) at the mall- who met on the Internet. Yet being the insightful and wise teenagers they are, they both bring along their 'besties' which so happen to be girls. Allie, Lance's friend and Kimiko, Sergio's friend who is gay(butch but not transgender).

The story dives in, right away. Kind of superficial, yet at the same time, aren't we all just a little when we meet someone? Of course, there is attraction. On one hand I'm thinking, isn't this kind of cliche? Yet, this is a book to get you thinking about the topic of how you might feel about bi-sexuality. Chances are, you know someone who is.

Again, this book brings up the questions you might have about it. This is bringing the Kinsey report down to earth. Of course, Lance isn't sure he can trust someone who is bi? After all, isn't Sergio gay if he likes him?

I liked how the story gave a background of everyone's experiences. Yet, Sanchez weaves it all about on the page without giving gritty details, but just enough to cover the basics. So from the attraction..comes forth the other aspect of any relationship... the emotional part. Commitment issues... as well as the fear of rejection. Would it be better just to be a friend with benefits?

Sanchez covers a lot of questions through his dialogue with these four teens. Each are on different levels of knowing what love is and how their family feels about them. And then there is Allie, Lance's trusted friend who suddenly wonders if she's bi-curious.

He gives you characters that most can relate too. They aren't making bad choices in life. But there are still questions and as you read this, you'll figure out what is the most important thing in life.

Sanchez works with a lot of GSA projects and education for teens. He has a graceful way of bringing up issues that many teens face. If you love his work and his characters,  you will want this on your list to read.


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