Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Drew Van Acker

Possibly you have noticed the absents of  Parker Bagley as Jason (on Pretty Little Liars) Drew Van Acker is the new Jason (Alison's brother). Perhaps they wanted a more sinister type as Jason on Pretty Little Liars.

Drew was on Carton Network's Tower Prep which didn't do so well. Unfortunately. Then again, what was a teen show like that doing on Cartoon Network? Couldn't it be given a chance on some other network? Possibly MTV? Or TEENNICK. Even ABC Family? Cartoon network says on the site that the show is still on, but I'm not sure.

Doing time last year at Tower Prep!

He was also in the short lived show THE LAKE back in 2009.

He's had guest roles on CASTLE and was Parker on GREEK.

And then their are those wonderful modeling gigs he's gotten, as well.

Bradley James
Some like to think he's the love child of Bradley James and Colin Morgan. I must admit he does remind me of Bradley James.

Seriously, though..he studied drama back in high school. He also played lacrosse and soccer. He even went to Towson University on a soccer scholarship. He's coming out with the movie FORTRESS in 2012.

Definitely an actor getting the buzz this summer.

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