Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Downtown Fiction

David Pavluck

Out of Fairfax, Virginia. This group just came out with a new CD in April, Lets be Animals.

Lead singer and guitar player Cameron Leahy met drummer Eric Jones in high school. They've formed in 2008 and My Space was a great help to them. David Pavluk plays bass and backing vocals Their inspiration for naming the band comes from the movie Pulp Fiction. They were part of the Bamboozal road show and Warped Tour back in 2010. Also they were in the “100 Bands You Need To Know” in the Alternative Press magazine.

Recently, they were in the Glamour Kills Tour with THE READY SET and ALL STAR WEEKEND along with WE ARE THE IN CROWD. Now they just finished the Lets Be Animal Tour and now Friday is Forever Tour.

 I must admit I love "Freak" from their new CD. Its at the top of my list of their songs. Really, its got a playlist on their latest.  LET'S BE ANIMALS at Amazon. These guys certainly know how to have fun on tour and with their fans.
Downtown fiction official siteDowntown fiction My Space. Downtown fiction at MTV.

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