Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cougars, Inc. - DVD review

There was so much I disliked about this movie. For starters, the name of the movie. Argh. But this movie has ..guess who??? Kyle Gallner playing the lead.

Even so, I'm not sure what it was that made this such a Lampoonish movie. Perhaps it tries to hard and isn't sure what its really after. I wouldn't dare call it porn. Even if  perhaps it tries to go there with some of the scenes. Especially with his party animal buddies at school. I won't say the writing was entirely bad, and yet it was.

In spite of its fun little tidbit of question scenerios pieced in the chapters of the story...the movie just dragged..from the very opening scene. Perhaps there were just way too many Points of Views and it might have been something if it would have stuck with Gallner's Sam. Showed exactly, where he came from to be at this prep his last chance. It just didn't show that he had the underbelly angst of his past. He might as well have been a squeaky clean kid who gets mixed up with a woman who's in the middle of a divorce.

But of course, this is a film trying to be glossy and cool and something slick..when it obviously isn't. True, this film is made up of screen cap moments of Kyle as a guy before and after sex. And with those shots, you'd be better to create your own story than the one you have to suffer through.

Although, on one level..there is this vague theme that the physical game of sex won't out do the real thing. And yet was it the real deal when Sam met Courtney played by Sarah Hyland ? Sarah kind of comes off as a bitch. But finally they hit it off. And that other stuff about getting paid by old women (who seriously aren't all that old. No Cloris Leachman scenerio like the LAST PICTURE, these gals are model perfect!) to sleep with just a faded memory..yet in the end..comes back to haunt him. Naturally.

Honestly, I felt the movie hadn't really gotten started to the real movie I would have liked to watch..until the very end.

If you need a Kyle Gallner fix, well..go ahead. Otherwise, definitely pass this one up at your video store or Net Flix.

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