Sunday, June 26, 2011

BAD TEACHER - Movie review

With a title like that, you might wonder how raunchy this movie might get starring Cameron Diaz as the bad ass Miss Halsey who's methods in teaching middle scholars isn't much. Granted Elizabeth Halsey just got jilted from her rich fiance and has to come back to teaching. Yes, Diaz's character is shallow and shameless..and definitely shouldn't be teaching.

Add the unlikely cameo roommate to the list of characters played by the wonderful Eric Stonestreet from MODERN FAMILY and you aren't sure just where this movie will take you. Honestly though, It was Lucy Punch who stole the movie as the perky teacher across the hall. Her Miss Squirrel was perky and sweet yet possibly demented who steals just about everything that Miss Halsey wants.

Elizabeth: “I found him in bed with somebody else.”
Amy: “Oh my gosh.”
Elizabeth: “It was another man.”
Amy: “Shut the front door.”

And Justin Timberlake was definitely the unlikely substitute teacher. He takes his character places that I had no idea could be so hilarious. Especially, a ridiculous sex scene starring jeans. Its hard to say what makes and breaks this movie. It has a great cast. Phylliss Smith as the co-worker teacher is just a gem in the movie. John Michael Higgins always delievers as a character actor. He plays the principal. Still, I felt there just wasn't enough Jason Segel. The plot line is a bit thin. And seriously, one wonders if Diaz's character has changed.

There are plenty of funny scenes in the film. And I do have to admit I loved the quirkiness of some of the players in the movie. Especially, who Diaz's character rooms with in the cheap place she finds. Still Diaz can come off so cold and blunt. Its hard to find her likable. Unlike some of the other actors in the film. Even if you know, just how lame Timberlake's character is he still makes him true.

Some of the hottest shoes and tops ever!

I must say for a teacher in need of money Diaz wardrobe was amazing as she strutted her stuff through this movie. If you are going to this for the raunchiness of it, well, you might be dissatisfied. Still, there are some fun moments. Yet, the movie isn't going to bring you to a new level of any of these actors acting. Its somewhere in the middle. You just might want to wait for the DVD release, and even then, you might wait.

STORYLINE: A comedy centered around a foul-mouthed, junior high teacher who, after being dumped by her sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague -- a move that pits her against a well-loved teacher.

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