Monday, May 2, 2011

A new lover boy!

Brett Dennen is from Northern California. His first album was self titled in 2004. In 2006 he did a tribute to Oingo Boingo with his Drink to bones that turn to Dust. His music has been on several TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy and House.

He backs the Moiaic Project as well. The Mosaic Project works towards a peaceful future by uniting young children of diverse backgrounds, providing them with essential skills to thrive in an increasingly diverse society, and empowering them to strive for peace.


Dennen is a folk/pop artist. Chances are you've heard his 'heaven' song in a commercial. Just this past month he's come out with a new CD, LOVER BOY. He might look the nerdy sort, but that voice..well, it makes me smile. He's just full of good causes. Striving for peace. Hoping the world will be a better place through song. He's got one of those voices you could listen to..all night long. And a wonderful song writer too. This new CD is more retro (70ish) and very catchy!
lover boy

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