Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beautiful - DVD review

Its possibly a bit of an indie flick. Especially, for those who live in the states. Yet, quite a little gem of a movie, too. Its a film from Austraila, but its main focus is living in the burbs. It came out in 2009 and has been compared to Donnie Darko and American Beauty.

First off, their is a mystery going on in the neighborhood. Girls are missing. Its unsure what happened to them. Is there a serial killer on the lose or did they just leave home? No one seems to really know. Its more rumor, than anything.

Then you have the teenage boy played so practical and shy by Sebastian Greggory as Danny. He goes around taking pictures, mainly. The movie does have some beautiful pictures of nature. He also likes to take shots of Suzy the hot girl next door played by Tahyna Tozzi. And she likes having an admirer. Soon she's telling off her boyfriend who tells her what to do and shows Danny a little kindness. Naturally, being her admirer, he'd do just about anything she'd want him to do, even if he is a few years younger than her..and it might be a little dangerous.

So she wants to know the secrets in the neighborhood. Of course, Danny has a few secrets he'd like to know too. Especially, to see the face of his mother. His cop father has ripped all sight of her from the photos he keeps of him as a baby.

Saying that, his father's girlfriend Peta Wilson, doesn't trust his Dad. She and Danny have a unique bond since she's the closest thing he has to a mother.

The movie if full of mystery. Danny gets closer to the woman down the street who lives with a mysterious man, they soon find out is a sex offender. All the while, Danny's hoping to get closer to Suzy. Its quite a tangled tale. Really, it is a very cool tale about the burbs. This story could have taken place, anywhere.

I'd definitely watch Sebastian Greggory in anything now. Also Tozzi shows she can be a quite evil. She's much more than just eye-candy.

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