Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Aubrey Plaza

It was such a surprise when April and Andy (Chris Pratt) got married on the show.

Is she or isn't she funny? Some love her humor. Others aren't fond of that serious look of hers. But she does make Parks and Recreation interesting on Thursday nights at NBC. She plays April, as the deadpan intern.
Scott Pilgrim's Julie Powers

Seth Rogen's love interest in Funny People

You might remember her as Julie Powers in SCOTT PILGRIM. She was also Daisy in FUNNY PEOPLE. She'd never done stand-up comedy until then.

Aubrey is from Deleware. Her father is Puerto Rican. She's well educated and ended up being an NBC page. Back in 2006 she was the NBC page on 30 Rock.

She's in the upcoming movie with Johnny Simmons, Hand Job. Its a comedy, starring Andy Samberg, about a recent high-school grad feels pressured to become more sexually experienced before she goes to college.At the moment she's filming Safety Not Guaranteed with Kristen Bell.

Aubrey has Damsels in Distress coming out soon with Greta Gerwig. It sounds like a crazy love story.

MTV's poll thinks she'd be the perfect Daria.
Meanwhile you can catch her on the TROOPERS web series.

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