Friday, April 8, 2011

New Young Pony Club

Sarah Jones

I guess there was something about LOST A GIRL that made me want to know more about this band. They are so post punk new wave about their sound. I find their videos fun too. Although, its the mesh of their vocals and rhythm that give them a unique dance club sound that echos a brilliant past of wisdom. Which makes me grow fonder of their music, even more. The five piece band is from London. "We marry the dance ethic with the pop ethic, and make something that you can dance to and sing along to" is how they describe their music.

Tahita Bulmer : She was born in London, but spent her childhood living in New York, London and Cairo. Bulmer has described herself as the only sane issue of a long line of paranoid schizophrenic women and says that her turbulent nomadic childhood was a direct result of living with a schizophrenic parent. "One minute you'd be playing Ludo, the next you're lifting the sofa to see if the Antichrist is underneath. You don't know any better so you think its hilarious when you're seven or eight. My mother used to cover bits of paper in crosses and put red velvet over the mirrors, she thought it would keep out the ghosts and unkind spirits"

Tahita did not attend school at all between the ages of 8 and 13, spending that period traveling with her mother. She has said that she spent that period reading constantly and that it fostered her love of the English language and clever word play, " I used to read about 15 books a week. I was allowed out to the library but not to play with other kids, just in case they were a bad influence. So I developed a very vivid imagination. I was constantly having adventures in other worlds with a whole troupe of imaginary friends. I still have some of them."

Bulmer has also suggested that her childhood fostered her anti-drug stance. " I know everyone thinks its amazing and life changing to get out of your head all the time, but you've grown up with someone who is permanently that way, being "crazy" and out of control doesn't seem that appealing. I don't think it would be good for me. My imagination is vivid enough without psychedelics and narcotics."

The lead singer is Tahita Bulmer. The band formed in 2005. Their first two singles were ICE CREAM and THE BOMB. The optimist is their latest effort that was put out in the UK in 2010. Recently, I heard one of their tunes on Gossip Girl. Rest of the band includes Andy Spence - Guitar and production, Lou Hayter- Keyboard, Sarah Jones - Drums & Remy Mallet - Bass. They are very popular in Australia too.

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