Saturday, April 9, 2011

making crackship history

Parenthood's Amber (Mae Whitman) is in a downward spiral of things. She's a smart girl who finally applied herself at school after running away from home several times before her Mom takes her and her brother to live with her grandparents, The Bravermen (I'm not sure of the spelling but they are rather brave..). Anyway, she didn't get into Berkley. What's a girl to do? Meet up with a pothead at the place where her Aunt gives her an internship at a law firm? Hmmmm...

Amber meets Gary (none other than that Cappie from Greek - Scott Michael Foster). Not that we've seen them do much. Beside Amber had a blind date to prom (Evan Peters). The date didn't last long, however. I'm not sure if his character volunteers at the Shelter where her cousin works, or just lives there, but he cleaned up pretty nicely. Blond too. Its been said he audtioned for HUNGER GAMES Peeta..but looks like Josh Hutcherson beat him to it.

Anyway, I never expected to see Scott nor Evan on Parenthood. And looks like next week's episode might be quite tragic with Amber and Gary. I'm hoping Mae Whitman isn't leaving the show, but she might be in Perks of being a Wall Flower with Logan Lerman and Emma Watson.

Foster is best known as Cappie on Greek which just had its Series Finale. The show will be missed. Hopefully, Greek did not typecast Scott. He's so likable on screen. Of course, I hope he gets a major role in something soon and not just a bit part. Perhaps though, being on Parenthood will lead to other things on NBC as it has for Jason Ritter who finally got THE EVENT. Although, I would rather see him on PARENTHOOD as Amber's teacher who is helping her Mom with writing a screenplay. 

INDIE MOMENT: Teenage Dirtbag with Scott Foster is one of his first character driven roles. Tragic done real.

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