Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fiction Wednesday - The evolution of Bruno Littlemore

This is a book you'll either love or hate. Its the debut novel of Benjamin Hale. Its a narrative by the chimp who wants to be a man. Bruno considers himself an ape not a monkey. It starts out that Bruno is incarcerated. He's done a bad thing. Which he'll get too, but not yet. 

He has a lot to tell and he does so, very vividly. Some might find the book quite disturbing. Especially, his relationship with young researcher, Lydia Littlemore.

As Bruno says, "A being acquires language because it is curious, because it yearns to participate in the perpetual reincarnation of the world. It is not just a trick of agreement. It is not a process of painting symbols over the faces of the raw materials of the cosmos. A being acquires language to carve out its own consciousness, its own active and reactive existence. A being screams because it is in pain, and it acquires language to communicate."

This book is full of unique moments, lots of humor and of course, heartbreak.

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